23 Jun

Car detailing and paint repair at regular intervals are necessary to keep a car in good condition for a long time. If you think your car is losing its gleam and shine, you should look for car paint correction near me. Applying a new layer of paint can help cover the scratches and wear marks on your car’s body.  

Paint correction and ceramic coating are popular methods to restore the shine of your old car and to give it a new glossy look. In this blog, we look at some common problems with car paint and find out how car paint correction can help fix such new car paint defects.

Swirl Marks

This type of scratch looks like the swirls in a spider web. These surface-level scratches contaminate the colour, gloss and reflectivity of your car’s paint. When multiple layers of scratches occur from one layer over another, they cause the light to retract into several different angles. Swirl marks are typically caused due to irregular wash intervals, improper cleaning techniques, etc. Go for a car detailing wash to eliminate the swirl marks in your car’s body.


Marring refers to abrasion of the paint. There is no hard or sharp ridge as seen in traditional scratches. But they are usually created due to friction. When a paint system uses clay bars or aggressive mitt types, or they lack optimum lubrication or apply excessive pressure – any of these factors could lead to marring, which results in greyish or dull scuff marks on the painted surface. Opt for a mobile car paint correction to fix marring on a painted car surface.

Buffer Trails

These are below-surface paint defects caused by human hands. This usually happens when you go for cheap car washes or go to an inexperienced car detailer. Rapidly moving a rotary machine over the car surface or using a high-speed buffer without sufficient skill could lead to buffer trails on a finished vehicle. This type of defect is not immediately visible because a newly finished vehicle will usually have wax or glaze applied over them. Once the wax wears off over time or after multiple washes, you can see these buffer trails on the paint. Find a reliable and trusted vendor for the car detailing and paint repair job to fix this mistake.

Bird Droppings

Bird droppings, when left to sit on the vehicle for a long time, can cause defects below the surface of your car paint. They appear as sunken blemishes on the surface of a clear coat of paint. The amount of damage a bird dropping could do depends on the strength of the dropping and the time it has been allowed to sit on the vehicle. Bird droppings are considered dangerous because they contain a combination of uric acids and proteins, which could damage the car’s surface. You can choose to get a paint correction and ceramic coating service to solve the problem of bird droppings on your car.

Water Spots

Water spots usually refer to mineral deposits left behind on your painted surface due to evaporated water. This usually happens when hard water dries on the surface. Hard water means it has a high concentration of mineral solids. If the vehicle is dirty, the hard water can trap dirt or dust on the surface and cause light water spots.

Sometimes, medium water spots are also formed on a car’s surface. They penetrate below the painted surface and cause recessed blemishes within the clear coat of the paint. How deep medium water spots penetrate the surface will depend on the concentration of minerals in the water.

A car detailing in Perth should be enough to fix the problem of light and medium water spots. Depending on the severity of the spots, you can effectively eliminate damage on the painted surface by using either a gentle hand wash or machine polishing.

Road Tar

This is a surface-level paint defect and typically does not cause much damage to the car’s surface. This type of defect is caused when the liquefied tar from the roads gets transferred onto your paint via the tires. The tar is basically a buildup of contaminated layers on the road containing hydrocarbon exhaust and rubber particles. Road tar damage only occurs on the lower rocker panels of a car or the area behind your wheels. A car detailing and paint repair service will be enough to remove the tar damage on your paint.

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